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All about textiles

Cushion covers

Cushion covers are available in four different types of fabrics.  Each cover

are hand-sewn and finished with an invisible zipper closure in white or black. 

  • 100%  velveteen fabric

  • 80 000 double rub count

  • durable while retaining a plush feeling. 

Cotton linen 
  • 68% cotton, 32% linen

  • specially developed to maintain the feel and look expected in natural products while still performing impeccably as a printable surface.  Sublime softness, uncompromised colours and never-fade prints. 

Cotton Canvas
  • 100% Cotton

  • Bring texture to your living space with this luxurious 100% cotton textile.  This fabric will hold up against whatever life throws at them.  

Poly canvas
  • 100% polyester upholstery poly canvas

  • 50 000 double rub count durable with sleek, modern texture


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Hand-painted silk scarves

Eco responsible, my textile and wearable art collections are created using pure silk and professional dies. Before painting the scarves, I do a burning test to ensure that the supplier did not mix the silk with another fibre like rayon, nylon, Tencel, or a combination woven with or without silk. It's the only way to make sure it's real.  

Before applying dyes, I always prewash the silk to pre-shrink and remove any possible grease marks. The thickness of silk is measured using a scale called momme. The more momme, the thicker the silk.

Below are some of the silk I use for my scarf paintings:


Pongee has a low shine and smooth weave.  It is somewhat translucent with good reflective qualities.  

Crepe de Chine

Traditional Crepe de Chine has a matte sheen and is known for its fluid and sensuous drape.  Its threads are twisted to create a texture that gives it spring and light stretch. 

satin organza

Satin Organza is crip, translucent, and lightweight.  The front has a bright shine, and the back is matte.  It creases easily that is why it is used to create fabulous textures in felting. 


Habotai is all-purpose silk.  Also known as China Silk, it is the most common type of silk used for silk painting.  It is available in many weights including 4 1/2, 5, 6, 8,9,12 and 15 momme.  


Noil Poplin is woven from waste silk.  Noil Poplin looks like heavy-weight cheesecloth.  It is sometimes called "raw silk" because it has the appearance of inexpensive cotton.  It's perfect as an addition in felting to create unique textures. 


Broadcloth has a smooth surface and is usually available in a natural colour. It is easy to dye Broadcloth and very versatile in felting design. 


Charmeuse is the most sensuous of the silks.  It is available in a variety of weights, qualities, and types.  Charmeuse is shiny on the front and dull on the back and is sometimes backed with Crepe de Chine.  

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