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Artists' statement

Color is my ultimate passion, and I find its most expressive outlet through my preferred medium: watercolor. This medium, known for its softness, transparency, and luminosity, allows me to convey my predominantly realistic style. The use of white paper serves to amplify the radiance of my creations, enhancing their visual impact.

Flowers, in particular, captivate my artistic focus. Painting them with watercolors becomes a meditative experience for me, allowing me to delve into a state of tranquility and inspiration.

Creating my watercolor paintings is a purposeful and time-intensive journey. Working on a level surface, I meticulously apply delicate, transparent layers of color with patience, progressing one layer at a time. I diversify the directions of application, prompting the pigments to merge and unveil enchanting effects through the interplay of water and color. In certain floral compositions, I apply as many as 15 layers of transparent paint, resulting in a luminous radiance. The intentional inclusion of dark shadows adds a touch of drama, enriching the emotional depth that I aim to communicate.

While my dedication to realism remains strong, I explore abstract and semi-abstract themes with a touch of naive decorative style using acrylic paint. The technique mirrors that of watercolor, but I transition to a vertical surface to leverage gravity. With water as a base, the paint seamlessly flows, creating a luminous image filled with emotions.

Despite the diversity in my style and subjects, the constant thread binding my creations is the enduring passion for colors. It is this steadfast commitment to the vibrant spectrum that breathes life into my art, creating a cohesive and captivating body of work."

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