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Artists' statement

**My true passion?   I would say it's colour. On the other hand, my favourite medium as a painter is watercolour. ** 

Soft, transparent, and luminous watercolour allows me to express my style, which is primarily realistic, and I can create a radiant glow by using white paper.  

 Flowers are my favourite subject; I dive into meditation when I paint them with this medium. 

My watercolour paintings take a long time to create. Working on a horizontal surface, I slowly apply light transparent coats of colours, one layer at a time, moving my paper in many directions to force the pigments to blend. It creates its own magic by mingling the water and colour. Some of my flowers have as many as 15 layers of transparent paint to create a luminous glow.   I love the effect of dark shadows, which expresses the dramatic emotion I want to transpire.   

As for my abstract and decorative paintings, I use acrylic paint, in the same technique as watercolour.    The only difference is that I work on a vertical surface to take advantage of gravity. With the water as a base, colours flow together to create a luminous image filled with emotions. 

**My style and subjects vary, but my passion for colours remains.**

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