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Christiane was born in April 1961 in Montreal.  From an early age, her creative spirit was already present.  She explored various art projects and experimented with techniques including macramé, woodworking, ceramics, crochet, felting, and sewing. 

Many years later, a career change led her to commercial and residential interior design.

This training taught her the importance of perspective as well as attention to detail and perfection. It was from this moment on that she became totally immersed in visual art and undertook several training courses with renowned artists to enhance her skills both in painting and design.

I think we can say that her work is visionary and, most of the time a result of a sketch that develops little by little.  Today, she still feels very strongly about art and continues to further her education daily.   Always in the midst of discovery, she continues to explore different mediums but confesses that painting with watercolour has proven to be the expression of choice. 

Illustrated biography

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