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Christiane was born in April 1961 in Montreal. From a young age, she immersed herself in a myriad of artistic activities, from the intricate knots of macramé to the tactile world of woodworking and the delicate craftsmanship of ceramics. Crochet, felting, and sewing were just a few more strings to her artistic bow.

Graduating with a degree in business administration, Christiane embarked on a successful career, dedicated  to companies specializing in the transportation industry. Later on, a career change brought her back to the art world. She pursued studies as a commercial and residential interior designer, where she gained valuable insights into perspective, attention to detail, and perfection. It was during this time, that she rediscovered her artistic talents in painting and participated in numerous continuing education courses with renowned painters.

Recipient of an excellence award and numerous accolades from her peers, Christiane enhanced her resume with both group and solo exhibitions. Committed, she actively contributes to developing and growing watercolor painting in Quebec and abroad. 


She served on the board of directors of the International Watercolor Society of Canada (IWS) for three consecutive years and as the official representative for the province of Quebec. Additionally, she was vice president of a local association in Granby, where she spearheaded development projects and implemented a new recruitment system to expand the community of watercolorists in the region. She is now a signature member of the Canadian Watercolor Association, La Société d'aquarelle Le Partage and has been teaching for several years.

Illustrated biography

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