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Capturing life's beauty in watercolor, one stroke
at a time !

Residing in Québec, Canada, Christiane Fortin is a distinguished professional watercolorist and instructor renowned for her mastery in capturing the beauty and simplicity of floral subjects. Her artistic prowess has garnered her prestigious accolades, including the esteemed Signatory Status membership in the Canadian watercolor society (SCA), the highest honor within the provincial artist community. Additionally, she holds esteemed positions as an elected member of Le Partage Watercolor Society and as a member of the national professional association RAAV. Notably, her influence extends further as she actively participates in shaping the artistic landscape by serving on the board of directors of the Canadian Watercolor Society.


"In this video, I'm showcasing my approach to painting on a larger scale. While it's not intended to be a teaching video, it offers a glimpse into my process and personality.
Watercolor has been my passion for over three decades, and my primary aim is to share the genuine joy it brings me with others."




Explore a variety of pre-recorded online classes covering diverse subjects. Some capture live demonstrations, while others present formal courses recorded in the studio. If there's a specific topic you'd like me to cover in a video, feel free to send your suggestion. email



In this learning center, you'll discover a wealth of free downloadable resources focused on watercolor.  Their goals are to provide exercises tailored to the unique characteristics of watercolor pigments, empowering you to refine your skills and deepen your understanding.



Classes, demonstrations and workshops are regularly added to the calendar.  They typically run from September to May of each year.  Stay updated by following us on Facebook, registering for our news bulletin, or visiting the calendar regularly.     

Painting with Watercolor

My Teaching Style

My teaching revolves around you. I create an environment where your curiosity thrives through tailored sessions, adapting to your pace and preferences. Empathy guides every interaction, ensuring I understand and support your unique journey.


Together, we will embark on a journey where every lesson inspires, empowers, and fuels a lifelong love for painting in watercolor.


Welcome to a transformative experience!


  1. Interactive: I like to engage students through discussions, group activities, and hands-on learning experiences to promote active participation.

  2. Inquiry-based:   I encourage students to ask questions and explore topics independently.

  3. Facilitator:  I enjoy guiding students through their learning journey, providing resources, support, and guidance while allowing them to take ownership of their learning process.

  4. Adaptive: I enjoy adapting my teaching style based on the subject matter, student preferences, and learning goals, incorporating different approaches as needed.

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Christiane Fortin

Painting the beauty of life one stroke at the time in watercolor

30 years of

Christiane Fortin, artist
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