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Refinement and elegance for you and your home


Evolved from architectural rendering and drawing, her painting style is both realistic and imaginative.

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The artist

Painter, designer, and textile artist, Christiane is totally in love with the design principles and the beautiful colors surrounding us. 

Her creations are unique and stylish.  

Wareable art

Eco-responsible, her textile art is created with natural fibres and dies.

Her creations are one of kind and can be tailored to your taste.

Let's keep in touch!

As an artist to be able to show our work is privileged.  I would appreciate it if you could take part in this magical and colorful world with me. 

I make a point to write a newsletter to inform clients, friends and followers of my progress.  They are free.  They usually include my new artworks, some new developments, teaching, and positive affirmations for the artiste following capsules. You should receive them trimestrial. Be part of the fun!  Join me in this adventure.  ​

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