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visual artist


Welcome to my virtual studio.

I'm a professional watercolor artist, and instructor based in Québec, Canada.

I'm thrilled that you've taken the time to visit! Whether you're here to explore my artwork, considering the purchase of a painting, or in search of a teacher to guide you in the art of watercolor,

I wish you an enjoyable and inspiring visit!

christiane fortin

From Inspiration to Creation no matter the style

As an artist, my enthusiasm centers around capturing the very essence of the subjects and translating the visual experience into an enthralling expression. My realistic paintings, primarily created with watercolour, are infused with light, shadow, and details that make them come alive. In contrast, my semi-abstract and naive paintings rely on my imagination and whimsical personality to create something unique. I enjoy exploring different styles and techniques, as this is where creativity and magic come to life.

Explore the galleries and discover who I am as an artist.