Welcome to the official site of Christiane Fortin a Canadian artist painting life and natures' beautiful coulours

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Evolved from architectural rendering and drawing, her painting style is both realistic and imaginative depending on the medium used.

The artist

Using nothing but the best silk available, her paintings can also be found on wearable scarves.

Wareable art

Painter, designer, and textile artist, Christiane is totally in love with the design principles and the beautiful colors surrounding us. 

Her creations are unique and stylish.  

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IWS - International watercolor society
            Canadian branche

Christiane Fortin is the official Quebec representative for the Canadian branch of the International Watercolor Society. 


Since its inception in 2012, IWS Globe has become one of the largest art societies in the world, with branches in around 100 countries worldwide. IWS provides a platform where watercolor artists may shine, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or experience.  For more information, or if you would like to join the society, click on this link below or communicate directly with Christiane.

email:  info@christianefortin.com

IWS Canada:  https://iwscanada.ca/devenir-membre/


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As an artist, to be able to show our work is privileged.  I would appreciate it if you could take part in this magical and colourful world with me. 

I make a point to write a newsletter to inform clients, friends and followers of my progress.  They are free.  They usually include my new artworks, new developments, teaching, and positive affirmations for the artiste following capsules. You should receive them trimestrial. Be part of the fun!  Join me in this adventure.  ​

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