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Work in progress - 48'' x 36''

Watercolor painting

This work in progress is part of the paintings that will take part in my next exhibition. Painting large scale is somewhat of a challenge when using watercolour:

  • I had to figure out what to use for stretching the paper. My painting process is what I would call a swimming pool party. Yes! I use a great amount of water, so my paper buckles up a lot. It's therefore essential to sketch and have it tied down properly.

  • Drawing large scale is not something I'm accustomed to doing. I had to free up a wall to tape the paper and see exactly what I was drawing.

  • Then came the time to prepare the palette. Wow! I did not realize how much pigments would be needed to paint such a large scale.

All and all, I'm having a wonderful time experimenting with new sizes. I take it slowly, one step at a time, because, with watercolour, there is no turning back. This painting is being created with transparent watercolours from Winsor and Newton.

Until next time, be good!

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