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Christiane Fortin masterfully creates captivating paintings with watercolors, infusing them with drama and elegance. Her artistic prowess has garnered her prestigious recognition, including the esteemed Signatory Status membership in the Canadian Watercolor Society (CWS), the highest accolade within the provincial artist community. Additionally, she holds positions as an elected member of both Le Partage Watercolor Society in Laval, and is an elected member of the national professional associations RAAV and CARFA.  She also sits on the board of directors of the Canadian Watercolor Society.

Christiane primarily centers her artistic vision on encapsulating floral subjects' intrinsic simplicity and elegance. She adeptly employs light and shadow to outline their forms, utilizing transparent pigments and layering loosely applied colors. Through this technique, she achieves a radiant luminosity in her work, capturing the enchanting beauty of nature's grace.

christiane fortin

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